Digital Life 2018 – Bergen, 20 – 21 March


Welcome to the annual Biotechnology Research and Innovation conference hosted by Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN). DLN is a national centre for biotechnology training, research and innovation, advancing digital biotechnology. As a virtual centre, DLN hosts participants throughout Norway under the leadership of three universities NTNU, UiO and UiB.

Digital Life projects are transdisciplinary biotechnology research and innovation activities that combine and merge approaches from life sciences, mathematics, computer science, physics and engineering. They are directed towards a biological question related to a challenge of societal importance and they are guided by the principle of Responsible Research and Innovation. Last, but not least, they include, as an integral and central part of the project, the application or development of computational methods or theoretical and experimental modelling approaches from mathematics, computer science, physics and engineering. They do so to contribute to the further development of these approaches by incorporating or otherwise applying biological concepts and observations.

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